One Year of Leah

I constantly find myself in disbelief that I have a daughter. To this day, at least once a week either John and I will utter the words “I can’t believe we have a daughter” to each other. I knew I wanted kids at some point in life, but I wouldn’t say I daydreamed about it when I was little. I was never the type to fantasize about marriage either. I often wondered if maybe I was actually a six year old boy. Always rolling my eyes and shouting  BLEH in disgust during sappy love scenes in movies. Do you remember Just Married? There’s a part where Brittany Murphy is talking to Ashton Kutcher and she asks him “didn’t you fantasize about your wedding day when you were a little boy?” It flashes back to her pretending to be a bride in her backyards and the wedding bells are ringing. It then flashes back to real time and pans on Ashton Kutcher and he’s kind of just looking a little appalled and standing there and is a wise man and just goes with it and says “uhhh sure?”. It then flashes back to his childhood fantasies and he’s having an epic lightsaber battle with other friends. That’s what my childhood fantasies consisted of. Team Ashton over here. So anyway, marriage ended up happening and my bitter heart became a little mushier (sort of, you may need to ask John about that).  I did find myself thinking about raising babies after marriage. However, I still thought of myself as an 18 year old. As much as I liked kids I would think “There’s no way, I’m a mess. How do people even have kids so young?”  I quickly became aware that having kids entering your 30s is actually normal and not a bizarre age to do so. So here we are a year later with a little girl! It’s still surreal and as I mentioned, we are both still in disbelief. And now I have a new statement to declare that I still can’t come to terms with. “I can’t believe we have a one year old!” I’m thrilled for our new adventures and to see her little personality grow, but I will admit there was a little pang of sadness writing that last line.  A year passed by us in a blink of an eye. One year! We now have a toddler. A little one with a blooming personality. She loves dancing, always. And she starts to dance right before any musical number in Moana because she knows it’s coming. That girl will shake her booty in her sleep if she hears a song she likes. She puts her hands to her head every time someone says “Oh my goodness!”. She is shy but babbles away and is full of smiles once she warms up to people. She lights up every rooms she enters.  Strangers that stumble upon us on our outings go out of their way to talk to her and interact with her. Even though it doesn’t  surprise me because she really does have an infectious personality.  It’s still a little crazy to think how more social I’ve had to become because of her.  People just can not get enough of this little lady.  So here’s to the little one that has made me a total sap and has taken our hearts. Here’s to another year and new adventures of you, Leah.



Processed with VSCO with a4 presetProcessed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset






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