Summer Favorites

Summer seems to be in full effect all over the Northern hemisphere. And even though I’m more of a grump about summer compared to my Northern friends in nicer climates, we are still trying to make the best out of this terrible heat and humidity visiting the pool and beach when we get a chance. This weekend we actually got to visit Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, a nice change of pace to our summer fun. Here are a couple of pictures of our latest Disney visit.

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

So, I’ve been asked multiple times about a few things we’ve been using up these past couple of months so I figured I’d link all our current summer favorites in casa de Smith.  First up, this little bit of unicorn magic I got asked about so much in my Instagram stories the other day.  We got this unicorn pool float that Leah is still warming up to since she recently decided she likes swimming. But, it’s been a hit with everyone else! Leah is just like mama and needs her sunglasses to combat the Florida sun. We have a few pairs but these have been our favorite this summer. They’re just so bright and fun for little ones! And a big bonus, they go really well with our next summer favorite. Next up is this Cat & Jack geo swimsuit . Beside it being adorable and pairing so well with those sunnies, it’s quickly become my favorite because of the crotch snaps! Trying to dress and undress a baby in a wet swimsuit is harder than you might think and the snaps make it so much easier. Adorable and functional scores major points for this mama! Summer sandals can not be forgotten. It’s time to have those little toes out. My favorite pair that Leah has worn every single day since we got them have been these Adelisa & Co. sandals.

Fun in the sun requires some protection from the harsh fun. We live in The Sunshine State so summer is exceptionally brutal on us. I’m a lover of big hats so I couldn’t resist buying this poolside sunhat for baby girl so we could twin.  And the most important factor to have a good time in the sun is sunblock! There’s been so much talk of harsh chemicals in sunblock, news reports of sunblocks intended for little ones that are not the spf advertised and causing sunburns. It’s important to do your research on a safe sunscreen  for you and your little ones. We have been getting Think Baby Sunscreen but there are a few other great options out there. If you want a few more suggestions, feel free to comment or message me! One of my least favorite things about summer are the villains that come out to ruin all the fun. The pesky mosquitos. I don’t know how bad it gets but when you live in swamp land, those suckers swarm you.  I stepped out for a second and got distracted talking to a few neighbors and what was supposed to be a five second run out of the house turned into a few minutes of chatting which lead to us being covered in bites. I still have mom guilt from the size of those bites. She had not gotten bites previously thanks to this Babyganics insect repellant. We have the tiny bottles which are a perfect size to store in the stroller/her car/my bag. It makes it more convenient to travel with and a little goes a long way. It has been a savior for us!

Now for some fun stuff for mama! Even though I wore bikinis when I was younger, I pretty much have never felt fully comfortable in them. So once I had a baby, my body changed and while I truly admire all those women comfortable in their own skin and rocking those bikinis, my comfort zone could be found in a one piece.  I love this lace halter one piece. Full coverage, my favorite color for myself, a classic look with the lace, and sexy while still being modest in coverage.  I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been in a swimsuit. I love it! Here’s a little fun fact about me. I love hats. I love big, floppy hats. I can’t help it, they are fabulous and I don’t get to style my hair the way I’d like these days so hats are my best friend.  The latest hat to join my collection is this tan and white color block hat. Perfect for twinning with my little lady, perfect amounts of floppy, and a nice light neutral to match with my summer wardrobe. My final share is a shoutout to those ladies with wide feet. It is so hard finding shoes that fit properly. And stuff that comes in wide isn’t exactly…hip and with the times. So when I saw these huarache sandals in wide, I had to have them. I own two pairs and have worn them every single day. I’m a little obsessed. They’re cute and they totally have them in regular sizes, and so comfy. A must have for me this summer!

There you have it, a few summer favorites for us. Can you guys tell I love Target and Amazon? It was fun sharing so I may have to come back with another list! What are your current summer favorites?


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