What to pack: Disney edition

If you weren’t sure by now, we are huge Disney fans around here. Now that we are back to being Annual Pass holders, I plan on searching for more Disney merchandise for the tiniest Disney fans and updating this post as I find them If you would like to read about a few tips you can find some over on this post.

The great thing about Disney is it’s the best possible place to go on your first trip and learning about what you do and don’t need to bring along for your family. Also, packing for your first trip with a little one can be overwhelming as I mentioned above.  Should you happen to forget a necessity in the shuffle of remembering what to pack for three people in our case, Disney has you covered! You won’t need to leave the resort area to run to CVS and grab items.  They’ve even got a baby center with diapers, wipes, food pouches, formula, you name it. So should you run out. Do not panic! However, there are still items that are handy to have around should you need so let’s start with those.

The Essentials

Now let’s talk about some essentials you can bring along to make your day easier. You should pack your necessities for a full day out. My bag is pretty heavy on Disney days but I pack my day as if we were going to be there from open to close. We usually end up going back to the hotel for a short time but might as well pack for a full day just in case you get swept up by Disney magic and can’t escape! First up, you need a good backpack style diaper bag.  It’s just more comfortable when you have to be carrying a little more than the normal load. If you want to go all out in Disney spirit, you can check out this Petunia Pickle Bottom Sketchbook Mickey & Minnie and see what dreams are made of. I think I maybe need that in my life. But really, invest in a backpack style diaper bag, they are the best for a long day. If your little one is old enough to carry their own bag and want to pack some toys or snacks/outfit change, check out this Disney Princess backpack that comes in as little as Pre-K size. You can find my personal favorite, the Star Wars Droids version here. Next, my savior on outings. This one is for all you mamas that bottle feed or need to heat up food pouches for your little. Leah refuses milk unless it’s warm.  That is why we love this thermos from Tommee Tippee. We really love this one because you won’t need to ask or carry a cup to add water (for that you just ask them to bring you boiling water, honestly). It has everything you need to heat that bottle up. It comes with a cover that you unscrew from the thermal flask which doubles over as your cup to pour your hot water in to heat the bottle or food. The thermal flask just has a button you can push to lock and unlock. It keep warm hot for such a long time. It really has saved us during feedings when we are out! Some of you might say you can just ask for a cup of hot water at any restaurant, I know. I know. I prefer carrying this around because I don’t know if all our eating times will synch with when our little lady needs feeding. And if you’re not at a table service restaurant and just need a cup of hot water, you have to find a place that can provide hot water and prepare to make a line. Even at table service restaurants, I’ve noticed the water isn’t hot enough to heat our bottle so we end up having to wait around for our server to bring us more hot water. That’s a whole lot of waiting with a hungry baby that will only be patient for so long. So bring a thermos, if your kid needs warm milk or food, just do it. Use the coffee maker in the hotel to fill with hot water in the morning and be happy you can feed babe as needed with no fuss! This brings me to my next suggestion, while this is most likely in your bag anyway, bring plenty of snacks. Bring your kids’ favorite snacks with you, chances are you’ll need to fuel up. Those snacks are a savior during lines and sitting down waiting around for other people in your party.  While we’re on the subject of food, here are a few food time necessities with festive prints. We own these Minnie bibs, cute for Disney, and always functional! My next suggestion is a wet bag like this Bumkins Princess Ariel one. All the functionality and it comes in festive Disney prints. There’s a whole bunch of other options of characters to choose from in that link! There’s water rides and splash pads in many of the parks. Florida is also the Sunshine State. And with that bright sun comes a lot of heat and humidity which leads to a lot of glistening sweat (not exactly the glow I’d like on me but it’s unavoidable). Even though it’s called The Sunshine State, Florida is also bipolar and should be called the Monsoon State during the summer. There is a daily storm every day. You’re going to get wet somehow, just bring a wet bag, okay? Maybe even two. Store stuff you do not want to risk getting wet on rides like your phone or camera, and use the other one to store the wet or dirty clothes that come out of the day’s adventures. Speaking of rain? If you are going anywhere during the wet season which is from May to October, or are an Annual Pass holder like us, consider buying a rain cover for your stroller like this one. If you aren’t familiar with Disney stroller set up at the parks, you will be parking/leaving your stroller outdoors for pretty much all rides/attractions. So even if you’ve escaped a downpour, your stroller is out there taking the 2 pm Florida thunderstorm full force. One of our visits was in June for Leah’s first birthday. We got a few downpours. Luckily we were having dinner (strollers are not allowed in most dining areas either!), but our stroller did not have the same fate. We had ponchos from previous Disney trips on hand that we put over our stroller but it still got soaked. It’s not fun having a little one in a soaked stroller, so if the forecast is showing thunderstorms, bring it along! I do think a stroller is best for Disney, but that’s my personal preference. I just can’t carry for a full day, my back ends up bothering me. We do a combination of baby wearing and stroller. Or so we’ve learned.  I forgot to bring a carrier for a line we made and I never forgot it again since then. Girlfriend is HEAVY. I would suggest to bring a light carrier like a Wildbird Ring Sling. It’s best to have something that’s easy to get on and off since you will be alternating a lot between carrying and a stroller. You also want something compact and breathable which is why a ring sling is my personal favorite choice for a day of theme parks.

Even though Fast Passes are AMAZING and if you plan correctly, you can maximize your day and avoid the longest lines for attractions…you’re still going to have to make some lines. Patience is needed at the Happiest Place on Earth. You’ll be waiting for lines, for food, for a parade or show to start, or waiting for someone else to come back from a ride. Babies and toddlers are kind of like Jon Snow. They know nothing. Just kidding…but they really don’t know much about the art of patience. This might not be an essential, but it’s essential to your sanity so it’s relevant right!? bring a small toy or book depending on your child’s interests to entertain them when they have to wait. I always have a board book or toy in my bag but I like to switch out the one in my bag to a Disney one.  Our favorite are the It’s a Small World collection. They all have such cute and colorful artwork and it’s pretty much a favorite ride for every tiny tot. Leah has gone bananas over them as she entered certain phases of board books. Hello World teaches them to say hello in a few different languages, Guess Who! has mirrors over the animals in the book so you can see yourself as an animal (this was Leah’s favorite, she would squeal as soon as I started to read it), Furry Friends is a touch and feel book of different animals around the world, and lastly Colors which is the last one we need to complete our collection.  They are seriously adorable and even if you don’t take it to the park, if you plan on going To Disney or are a Disney lover, it’s worth getting.

Oh, and don’t forget to take something to charge your phone like this Anker portable charger. I try not to have my phone out much and enjoy the moment, but sometimes you need to record and document magical moments! Having my camera open drains my battery ridiculously fast and it’s necessary to have my phone on to check on Fast Pass times or check anything else we need from the My Disney Experience app. I usually plug this in while we are in line somewhere and it charges up so fast. This thing is great and possibly has some pixie dust magic going on.

The Fun Stuff

Finally, the part I’ve been really wanting to talk about. Accessorizing! My absolute favorite shop for hair accessories is the Dreaming of Disney collection from Miss Rubylocks. All her stuff is amazing but this collection is my life! We have a few bows and I just ordered this It’s A Small World bow along with this Moana bow to add to our ever growing collection. There’s so many styles sure to fit your little one’s interests. I also have to recommend this Minnie Ears set that are perfect to twin with the adult version you can find in the parks or right here! They are seriously adorable. We got lots of compliments on them at the park! Stock up now guys, she won’t be open much longer. She does re open shop but needs to close it down for a bit to catch up on all her orders. To go with your sequined Minnie Ears, you’re going to need some Magic Trio Bracelets from June & Penny.  I love this simple and subtle ode your daughter can wear to honor her favorite Disney characters. A favorite feature is that they give the appearance of stackable bracelets but are all held together on one clasp which makes it a breeze putting them on.  If your little lady is a jewelry lover, this is such a sweet gift!  One thing we do not own yet but has made it to the list as soon as they fit Leah’s feet are the Minnie and Mickey Mini Melissa.They almost seem to be a right of passage for the Disney lovers. I can’t wait until Leah is walking and twirling around Magic Kingdom in these! For apparel, Old Navy & Gap are some of my favorite affordable and stylish options for outfits. None of our collection from either store is currently available but they have some seriously adorable choices that are the not a total eye sore. Look at these tights (I’m not even a fan because of a ridiculous childhood grudge I have I’ll share another day),come on! And this swimsuit to run around the splash pads and pool at the hotel? These Ariel Jammies.  A good handmade shop to find all your disneybounding and trendy outfits is California Peach Boutique.  You can also find a few Disney rompers over at The Cranky Peach but my absolute favorite is her Star Wars Floral Romper. If you know anything about me, I’m a huge fan of Star Wars. So florals and favorite Star Wars characters combined? Yes please. And if you’re like me and really itching to scope out official Walt Disney Resort merchandise, you could buy online! So if you want to make your trip extra special, consider finding your child’s favorite plush or doll to get them pumped up and ready for all the magic that’s about to happen. you can follow this link to shop Disney Parks.

Hope you guys found something of use in here. I’m always hunting for Disney magic to incorporate in our life so I’m hoping to come back with more suggestions for you all! I might start posting tips and tricks, as well as vegetarian finds in the parks if there is enough interest. So, in the words of the coolest mouse around… “See ya real soon!”


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