Small Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here guys, a shopaholic’s favorite time of the year! And if you’re like me and you’re a window shopaholic, it’s also your favorite time of the year because all the window perusing is a chance for you to obtain that item you are longing for at a good price! And of course, it’s the best time of the year anyway. Loaded with all the pretty holiday decor and food. So much food! The holiday season is really the best! But, let’s get back to shopping. This is the time to stock up on gifts because this will be the biggest sale of the year for most shops and in some cases,  the only sale they ever have during the year. I, like you, am a small shop enthusiast. I’ve been anticipating sales, so I have researched  and I’m here to bring you some Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Shop Small Saturday/Holiday sale goodness from all my favorite shops. From the familiar you have seen me rave about to those new discoveries or some we have simply admired in hopes of getting something during a sale: here are 15 shops I love that are having sales. make sure you bookmark or save these discount codes for the big day!



Mon Petit Shoes: So I’ll be honest. I’m a little frugal, especially when it comes to shoes when little ones outgrow them quickly. I can’t help to be cautious of our spending when we have a one income home. That being said, I owned one pair of Mon Petit Shoes that Leah is finally outgrowing and I’m devastated because the quality is AMAZING. They are so incredibly soft and durable which is crucial for little ones learning to walk and understanding what those little feet and toes do! They are worth the investment in this stage of walking. Sometimes it’s worth spending on a quality good that will last (Leah wore one size over 6 months. They do stretch a little with wear giving them a longer life for playing in!). But enough about me raving about how amazing these shoes are (I can go on for days honestly) and let’s get to the good stuff. A sale! This is the perfect time for you to invest in a pair of these beauties or add more to your collection. Also, if Mon Petits are new to you, you must follow them ASAP. There will be a midnight release tonight (12 am EST) and one of the most coveted shoes will be part of it (these are not and will not be a part of the sale, just a special release for fans)

  • When? November 17 at 10 am MST
  • Website: Mon Petit Shoes
  • How long will the sale go on? This sale will go on until supplies last (which won’t be long. You have to be quick!)
  • How much will I save? All shoes will be 25% off!
  • Do I need a code for checkout? There is no code needed so you can have a faster checkout!


Little Light Feet: If you follow along on Instagram, I think you all know I love knee highs and stockings. Little Light Feet are one of my favorites. The crochet knee highs are a must and they take me right back to my childhood days! Might I add that they will pair perfectly with those Mon Petit shoes you snagged!? Now is the perfect time to stock up or size up.

  • When? Friday, November 24th
  • Website: Little Light Feet
  • How long will the sale go on? All day Friday
  • How much will I save?you can get 5 dollars off a purchase of $30 or 10 dollars off a purchase of $60 or more
  • Do I need a code for checkout? For 5 dollars off, use code ‘LLF5off30’. For 10 dollars off purchase of $60 or more use ‘LLF10off60’.


Les Petits Darlings: If you want a beautiful assortment of clothing and accessories for your little lady, this is the shop for you! Les Petits Darlings has a vintage style with a modern touch. She has some of the best floral fabrics that can be dressed up or down.  And the holiday line, seriously swoon worthy! Les Petits Darlings will be having two sales. The one starting this weekend is for VIP members. IT’s the bigger one of the sales so if you want that extra discount, you must sign up to the Les Petits Darlings newsletter from the website by 11:59 pm MST this Thursday, November 16th to get information on the VIP sale.

  • When? VIP sale begins 12 am MST on Friday, November 17th. The Black Friday sale will be on Friday, November 24th
  • Website: Les Petits Darlings
  • How long will the sale go on? The VIP sale will last through  12 am MST Sunday, November 19th or until supplies last. The Black Friday sale will last through Monday or while supplies last.
  • How much will I save? 35% for the VIP sale! your order will be discounted 25% off for the Black Friday sale.
  • Do I need a code for checkout? You must sign up for the newsletter on the website linked above and you will receive details about the VIP sale. For Black Friday weekend, you can use code ‘bf17’ to save.


Ryan & Rose: I’ve been raving about Ryan and Rose since this blog started and I will continue to do so. Cutie Clips are a lifesaver and a must. They just make momming so much easier and they are way trendier and safer than ones you’ll find in a store like Target. Although we haven’t quite gotten out of the binky phase, we are trying to cut down. But we still use our clips more than ever to attach to toys, cups, blankets, etc. (especially as we’re strolling through Disney). If you browse around the shop, you will also find other accessories for sale like teethers that you can attach to the cutie clip. They make perfect stocking stuffers!

  • When?  Begins Monday, November 20th
  • Website: Ryan & Rose
  • How long will the sale go on? A whole week!
  • How much will I save? discount percentages will vary depending on what day you shop. Monday-Wednesday you will save 40%. If you shop Thursday-Saturday, you will get 30% off your purchase. And Sunday-Monday will have a 20% discount for all customers. (pacifiers, sets, and engraving are not included in any of the sales)
  • Do I need a code for checkout? The code for Monday-Wednesday will be ‘BlackWeek40’. For Thursday-Saturday use code ‘BlackWeek30’. And for Sunday- Monday the 20% off code is ‘BlackWeek20’
  • Fun Fact: There will be a fun bonus for the first 50 orders that spend $50 or more! Those customers will receive a free surprise Cutie Teether Bracelet with your order! (only while supplies last)



Khanh.Co: This is another shop Leah has been rocking for a long time and for good reason. We love our Khanh.Co bows. They are petite, classic, and timeless for a little lady’s wardrobe. She has now expanded to a clothing line and it’s beautiful you guys! And many options are reversible, so there’s more bang for your buck. If you have a little man, don’t feel left out because she sells bowties and her bambinos collection are made for boys as well! If you want a classic look with a modern twist, this is the place to shop for your little!

  • When? Saturday, November 18th
  • Website: Khanh.Co
  • How long will the sale go on? All of Saturday through Monday, November 20th
  • How much will I save? 30% storewide
  • Do I need a code for checkout? Use code ‘shopsmall’


Elle Belle Baby: Leah has been wearing bows from Elle Belle Baby since she was teeny tiny, I’ve loved seeing Brandi’s shop expand to what it is today. There’s truly bows to meet every kind of style! I will also say she has some of the nicest nylon out of all our bows (and we own a lot you guys). It’s truly so stretchy and they never leave a mark on Leah’s head which is why we always come back for more. Also, the picture on the left are actually bow ties which means a perfect opportunity for a matching sets with sister that would work well for photos. Because you know you’re all about matching sets, don’t try and deny it!

  • When? Sale begins Friday, November 24th.
  • Website: Elle Belle Baby
  • How long will the sale go on? The sale will go through Monday, November 27th
  • How much will I save? 40% off your purchase of $10 or more.
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code needed!


Fauna Lune: If you are a fan of all things bohemian and whimsical, this is the shop for you.  I don’t own anything at the moment but I plan to change that as I am looking to spruce up and decorate our home. That includes decorating our nursery and where I plan to place our Ikea play kitchen that is a Christmas gift…so I plan to change my lack of owning a beauty from this shop very soon.  Fauna Lune has hand crafted figurines and mobiles of beautiful whimsical animals, some of which have dried flower crowns. This shop is just pure dreamy and now is a perfect chance to snag a little something!

  • When? Friday, November 24th
  • Website: Fauna Lune
  • How long will the sale go on? This sale will last through the weekend!
  • How much will I save? 15%
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code necessary, discount will be automatically applied.


Little Sapling Toys: Wooden toys are quite simply a classic keepsake for children. These heirlooms are durable, all natural and free of cheap plastic chemicals, and they’re beautiful. And you don’t have to feel guilty about it being wood because for every toy/item your purchase, you help plant a tree through Trees for the Future. Retail therapy feels good, but it sure feels a whole other level of special when it has a good cause attached to it! Little Sapling Toys has wooden toys for children of all ages as well as nursery decor such as growth charts, step stools, and even Christmas ornaments! There is surely something you will adore for the little loves in your life!

  • When? Friday, November 24th
  • Website: Little Sapling Toys
  • How long will the sale go on? This sale will last the whole weekend through Monday, November 27th
  • How much will I save? 15%. You can also get Free Shipping if you make your purchase through the Little Sapling Toys Etsy shop!
  • Do I need a code for checkout? Use code ‘CHEERS15’ on


Flora & Peg: This is my favorite shops to get Leah’s felt flower crowns. They are all so beautiful and intricate. But, these aren’t the only beauties in shop. Flora & Peg has an assortment of wooden toys, hats, necklaces and decor. One of our favorite toys is our pastel rainbow stacker which is perfect fun for any little one but a special memento for anyone with their rainbow baby. If you want your little to look cute in accessories and decorate their room, Flora & Peg has got it all!

  • When? There will actually be two septette sales for Flora & Peg. A Small Shop Saturday sale on Saturday, November 25th. The second sale will be for Cyber Monday, November 27th
  • Website:Flora & Peg
  • How long will the sale go on? All day Saturday and all day Monday
  • How much will I save? On Saturday, there will be flash sales throughout the day varying from 30-70%! On Cyber Monday, everything will be 20%.
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code necessary for any of the sales!


Sweet’N’Swag: This is another brand we can’t get enough of. Sweet’N’Swag is our go to shop for cute, affordable shoes. There are a few different styles of shoes such as moccs, mocc boots, and what has become my personal favorite, the moxfords. There’s even matching accessories such as bows, bow ties, and pacifier clips to match those shoes. If you are a fan…and I mean who isn’t a fan of cute and affordable shoes!?…you should definitely stay tuned for their Black Friday sale. Beside the discount, they have a really exciting surprise they will be announcing.  There may or may not be  2 exclusive styles of Sweet’N’Swag that will only be available Black Friday! There will also be a big restock on popular favorites so make sure you run on over!

  • When? Friday November 24th (12am MST)
  • Website: Sweet’N’Swag
  • How long will the sale go on?All day Friday through 11:59 pm MST
  • How much will I save?  25%
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code necessary, discount will automatically be applied.


Lil Sugarlamb: I do not own any pieces from Lil Sugarlamb but I have been wanting a little something from this shop SO badly. I’m hoping holiday sales will allow me to change this because I mean…just look at everything in her shop! Everything is so beautiful. From casual clothes to dressier occasions, everything from Lil Sugarlamb is perfect for a little lady.

  • When? Monday, November 27th at 9am PST
  • Website: Lil Sugarlamb
  • How long will the sale go on? This sale won’t really have a time frame. Follow along on instagram. There will be 6 discount codes given prior to opening. It will most likely be posted Sunday so make sure you are following along!
  • How much will I save? Up to 30%
  • Do I need a code for checkout? Those that win a discount code will have to use their codes at checkout
  • Fun Fact: There are chances to win a $25 shop credit each week until shop opens up. November 16th is the last day to enter. So make sure you follow along on insta!


BlaBla Kids: Here’s a shop your kiddos will really love especially as a Christmas gift.  Blabla Kids offers the most adorable stuffed animals.  What little one doesn’t go through the stuffed animal phase!? Really, a plush is a must have for your babe on Christmas. There’s also cute mobiles, rattles, blankets and pillows if you want to spruce up your kiddo’s nursery/room.

  • When? sale starts Monday, November 20th
  • Website: Blabla Kids
  • How long will the sale go on? All week long or while supplies last for certain items!
  • How much will I save? 20% and that includes sale items!
  • Do I need a code for checkout? Use ‘TWINKLE20’ to save.


Hello Charley Bows: Here is a shop I don’t own anything from yet but I’m constantly finding myself drooling over. Hello Charley Bows sells all leather goods from hair bows to Peter Pan collars. My personal favorite are the little purses. I think it’s because Leah has been trotting around with my handbag lately so it’s just about time for her own.  And you guys, these are some of the cutest ones I’ve seen. I think I’ll be right there with you all trying to score one of these bags as a Christmas gift for the little this year!

  • When? Friday, November 24th
  • Website:Hello Charley Bows
  • How long will the sale go on? Sale will last through Monday, November 27th
  • How much will I save? 25%
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code needed, everything will be marked down already!


Chewable Charm: And now for a shop that serves mama and baby.  I’ve been using Chewable Charm since Leah was a little one. Actually, my first charm was given to me as a gift by family from last year’s Black Friday sale. I have been hooked since then.  Chewable Charm offers stylish and minimalistic necklaces that are safe for teething babies to chew on and pretty enough for mom to want to wear them even when she’s out and about with no little ones in tow. They’re still the only necklaces I wear and I’m probably going to keep wearing them way after Leah stops teething.

  • When? There will be two sales. The Black Friday will begin Wednesday, November 22nd. And Cyber Monday will be on Monday, November 27th.
  • Website: Chewable Charm
  • How long will the sale go on? The Black Friday Sale will last through Sunday, November 26th. Cyber Monday sale will be all day Monday.
  • How much will I save? For Black Friday, all teething necklaces will be 40% and teething rings/rattles will be 25%. On Cyber Monday you can get teething necklaces at 30% off while teething rings/rattles will be 20% off.
  • Do I need a code for checkout? No code necessary for any sale, the discount will be automatically applied!


Briar Handmade: Last but not least, bonnets! If you follow along on my instagram. I think you may know I love bonnets. Bonnets are life! But really, every time we leave the house with a bonnet, we always get compliments. Which is why I’m excited to share, Briar Handmade is having one of their very few sales. There is always free shipping on your orders from Briar and that will also be the case during Black Friday so you’ll save a good amount between free shipping and a nice discount. If there ever was a time to stock up on bonnets for your babe, it’s now!

  • When? Friday, November 24th
  • Website: Briar Handmade
  • How long will the sale go on? The sale will last through Cyber Monday (Saturday, November 27th)
  • How much will I save? Around 20%
  • Do I need a code for checkout? You will have to follow along on Instagram for more info on this sale.


*Please be sure to follow all shops whether on instagram, Facebook, or even subscribing to emails. It’s the best way to get specific sale information such as early access, exact time frames, and any updates to sale information. I will however, try and update if I see any changes. And beside, everything is so cute, you’re going to want to keep up with all the latest even after sales pass! Happy shopping. And feel free to share which of your favorite shops are having sales!




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