A Christmas Gift With JORD

Tis the season of gift giving, and with that comes figuring out what to give the special men in your life. I would say overall, I’m pretty good at knowing what John wants which helps me a lot since he hates making Christmas lists and suggesting things. However, expensive music gear is a little out of my budget and to be honest I have no idea what I’m  doing when I walk into a music store.  And there needs to be a whole bonding experience with your musical gear before the commitment so no surprise factors there. Well, this year I wanted to get something other than books, video games, and kitchen gadgets…something a little more special. And that little something is a JORD wood timepiece.  This is actually John’s second watch from JORD, you can see his first timepiece here. It has been so well loved, I thought he would love one more.  This year, I decided to go with the Ebony & Copper Dover timepiece. I love the contrast of the ebony against the copper with the gears showing off behind that sapphire crystal glass.  It screams John to me.  Beside the fact John is a huge fan of wood watches aesthetically. He loves how easy they are to snap on and hit the road. I think out of this Dover series watch, he will really appreciate the simple interface. After receiving our timepiece, I learned you can get custom engraving! I have to remember this for future reference because it would be such a special touch to an already timeless gift (pun intended!). I’m actually really excited to give this to John. I love gifting, and I am really impatient…two traits that do not coincide. Let’s hope I can wait until Christmas to let John unwrap this gorgeous gift.  Whether you are great at figuring out presents for others or have that one complicated person to shop for, JORD has beautiful and versatile pieces for that special someone for the holidays.

Now for the best part, my favorite part of shopping for everyone’s gifts is being able to get nice gifts while getting a good bargain for them! You can get an instant coupon code for 25% off your purchase by entering your email address here. The coupon will expire on December 19th, 2017. Happy shopping, babes!

wood watch

So I caved and we totally gave dad his gift early. I told you. But Leah was so enthusiastic about it…how could I not!? And I guess I was a little excited also, Oops!giftingunique men's watches

men's wooden watchwood watch

Wooden Wristwatch


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