A Christmas Gift With JORD

Tis the season of gift giving, and with that comes figuring out what to give the special men in your life. I would say overall, I’m pretty good at knowing what John wants which helps me a lot since he hates making Christmas lists and suggesting things. However, expensive music gear is a little out…… Continue reading A Christmas Gift With JORD

Small Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here guys, a shopaholic’s favorite time of the year! And if you’re like me and you’re a window shopaholic, it’s also your favorite time of the year because all the window perusing is a chance for you to obtain that item you are longing for at a good price! And of course, it’s the…… Continue reading Small Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno

We all want to remember and preserve our family and the wonderful memories we share with them.  In a digital era, we have thousands of photos in our camera roll. At least I do. I can’t say I scroll through my camera roll with thousands of photos. Ever since I was little, I loved grabbing…… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno

Sleeping Lessons

“There is NO way we will ever co-sleep.” “I mean, why do people even do it? It’s so irresponsible.” A nice flashback to when I was nice and pregnant reading books and articles on everything you needed to know about babies. I mean, the books and articles all said no co-sleeping! Baby in their own…… Continue reading Sleeping Lessons

Small Shop Spotlight: Covered Goods

Do you find yourself loathing strangers walking up to your baby and getting their faces and germy fingers all over him/her? Does your mobile baby become a gross little human and try and shove their mouth and hands on every surface of a shopping cart that thousands of other dirty hands and possibly slobbered on…… Continue reading Small Shop Spotlight: Covered Goods

Easter Gifts For the Teeniest of Peeps

Anyone with children knows seeing your child’s face light up with glee is something any parent lives for. As a parent, you also know that holidays have such a new sense of excitement once you have a a little one. I still love me some holiday celebrations, but there was so much more magic in each of…… Continue reading Easter Gifts For the Teeniest of Peeps

Small Shop Spotlight: SweetNSwag

Alright folks, by now you all know I’m a sucker for small shops. I have been so excited to share this small shop goodness.  You may have already noticed me tag Sweet N Swag plenty of times in my images. It was also one of the shops I included in my Small Shop Spotlight: Holiday gift guide for little…… Continue reading Small Shop Spotlight: SweetNSwag