A Miracle Mat Solution for Messy Tots

We have finally ventured into giving Leah real food.  I had been hesitant to enter the baby led weaning world as a first time mother.  If you have been reading along to any other posts  such as Sleeping Lessons, you know I’m a panicked first time mom.  I had read so much about baby led weaning…… Continue reading A Miracle Mat Solution for Messy Tots

Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno

We all want to remember and preserve our family and the wonderful memories we share with them.  In a digital era, we have thousands of photos in our camera roll. At least I do. I can’t say I scroll through my camera roll with thousands of photos. Ever since I was little, I loved grabbing…… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno

Sleeping Lessons

“There is NO way we will ever co-sleep.” “I mean, why do people even do it? It’s so irresponsible.” A nice flashback to when I was nice and pregnant reading books and articles on everything you needed to know about babies. I mean, the books and articles all said no co-sleeping! Baby in their own…… Continue reading Sleeping Lessons

Birthday and Easter Sunday

“Ah…another year older!” said no adult, ever.  In all honesty it didn’t feel terrible being another year older. Get back to me next year when I hit the 30s milestone and we’ll see how I feel about it. My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which was nice, and my parents were in town…… Continue reading Birthday and Easter Sunday

Small Shop Spotlight: Covered Goods

Do you find yourself loathing strangers walking up to your baby and getting their faces and germy fingers all over him/her? Does your mobile baby become a gross little human and try and shove their mouth and hands on every surface of a shopping cart that thousands of other dirty hands and possibly slobbered on…… Continue reading Small Shop Spotlight: Covered Goods

Mickey Mouse Marching our way to Disney

If you know me at all, you know I love Disney. Luckily, my husband is a big Disney fan too so it’s not hard to convince him into a trip to Walt Disney World AKA The World of Pure Magic. We went on a big trip after our wedding with John’s entire family and we…… Continue reading Mickey Mouse Marching our way to Disney

The Quintessential New Parent: A story of recovery and the first few days of parenting

The last time I shared one of my more personal posts, I left you with the tale of how Leah came to be in my arms in part two of my birth story. If you would like to read part one, you can click here. So let’s take it back to that sweet day to share the first…… Continue reading The Quintessential New Parent: A story of recovery and the first few days of parenting