A Christmas Gift With JORD

Tis the season of gift giving, and with that comes figuring out what to give the special men in your life. I would say overall, I’m pretty good at knowing what John wants which helps me a lot since he hates making Christmas lists and suggesting things. However, expensive music gear is a little out…… Continue reading A Christmas Gift With JORD

Small Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here guys, a shopaholic’s favorite time of the year! And if you’re like me and you’re a window shopaholic, it’s also your favorite time of the year because all the window perusing is a chance for you to obtain that item you are longing for at a good price! And of course, it’s the…… Continue reading Small Shop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Holiday Gift Guide

What to pack: Disney edition

If you weren’t sure by now, we are huge Disney fans around here. Now that we are back to being Annual Pass holders, I plan on searching for more Disney merchandise for the tiniest Disney fans and updating this post as I find them If you would like to read about a few tips you…… Continue reading What to pack: Disney edition

Birthday and Easter Sunday

“Ah…another year older!” said no adult, ever.  In all honesty it didn’t feel terrible being another year older. Get back to me next year when I hit the 30s milestone and we’ll see how I feel about it. My birthday fell on a Saturday this year which was nice, and my parents were in town…… Continue reading Birthday and Easter Sunday

Easter Gifts For the Teeniest of Peeps

Anyone with children knows seeing your child’s face light up with glee is something any parent lives for. As a parent, you also know that holidays have such a new sense of excitement once you have a a little one. I still love me some holiday celebrations, but there was so much more magic in each of…… Continue reading Easter Gifts For the Teeniest of Peeps

Small Shop Spotlight: SweetNSwag

Alright folks, by now you all know I’m a sucker for small shops. I have been so excited to share this small shop goodness.  You may have already noticed me tag Sweet N Swag plenty of times in my images. It was also one of the shops I included in my Small Shop Spotlight: Holiday gift guide for little…… Continue reading Small Shop Spotlight: SweetNSwag