What Rides Can Your Baby Get on in Walt Disney World?

September has been a rough month for us here in Florida. It was the giant migraine that wouldn’t go away. After stressing over hurricane preparations, difficult decisions, leaving the state and worrying we wouldn’t make it to our destination, being in a hotel that lost power and being in a flood zone, trying to get…… Continue reading What Rides Can Your Baby Get on in Walt Disney World?

What to pack: Disney edition

If you weren’t sure by now, we are huge Disney fans around here. Now that we are back to being Annual Pass holders, I plan on searching for more Disney merchandise for the tiniest Disney fans and updating this post as I find them If you would like to read about a few tips you…… Continue reading What to pack: Disney edition

Leah in Onederland

Although there are 364 very merry UN-Birthdays, statistics show there is one very real ACTUAL Birthday. So on June 10th we celebrated Leah’s Very Merry Actual Birthday! Once I saw Wonderland Rifle & Paper Co. collection,  I knew I had found my theme for Leah’s birthday. And so the party planning begun. It started months before…… Continue reading Leah in Onederland

A Miracle Mat Solution for Messy Tots

We have finally ventured into giving Leah real food.  I had been hesitant to enter the baby led weaning world as a first time mother.  If you have been reading along to any other posts  such as Sleeping Lessons, you know I’m a panicked first time mom.  I had read so much about baby led weaning…… Continue reading A Miracle Mat Solution for Messy Tots

Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno

We all want to remember and preserve our family and the wonderful memories we share with them.  In a digital era, we have thousands of photos in our camera roll. At least I do. I can’t say I scroll through my camera roll with thousands of photos. Ever since I was little, I loved grabbing…… Continue reading Artist Spotlight: Portraits by Cynno